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iOS Development

In today’s world, smartphones are becoming the norm. And smartphone applications one of the fastest growing ways to reach your customers. iOS applications are entry point for many businesses into the mobile app market. Let us design, develop and deploy a customized iOS app solution tailored to the needs of you and your business.

Android Development

By global numbers, there are more active Android devices than iOS devices. Android applications can take longer to develop because of the numerous operating systems, unique screen sizes and device types supported by Android. We can navigate all of these challenges to design an app that meets your marketing goals while providing the best possible user experience.

Web Development

A professional online presence is critical to the success of businesses today. We offer several options, depending on your budget and needs. Whether you need a basic website, an ecommerce site for sales, or a more complex custom site, we can help you find the best solution.

The Mobile Movement

There’s been a radical shift in internet and mobile technology in the past decade. Today, virtually every consumer has a smartphone or tablet - and they spend multiple hours a day on those devices. So what are you doing to take advantage of that? Does your company have a strong web and mobile presence? Do you have a mobile responsive website that looks great on a computer and a smartphone? If so, how are you using your website and mobile applications to interact with your current client base, attract new customers and increase repeat business?

At Insight Mobile Development, we understand that doing business the old fashioned way just isn't always the best solution anymore. People are busier than ever; they don’t have time to spend in lengthy meetings or traveling all over the place to get what they need. They are looking for the quickest ways to solve problems, choose products and services, and conduct business transactions. We design and develop cost effective web and mobile solutions that can help them do just that. Ultimately, it is our job to make you and your company look good. And we take that job very seriously.

Throughout the entire design process, we work to create a website or application that not only does exactly what you need it to do, but also provides a positive experience for your customers and prospects – one that that will continue to drive new business to you and your company while also helping you to retain lifelong repeat business. At the end of the day, we know it's not just about hwo nice something looks, it's about the results you get and we're here to show you how to get those results.

We're a locally based company located in Durham, NC. We strive to help our clients build world class solutions without losing that home town feel.

Insight Mobile Development


Whether you're an entepreneur with the next great app idea looking for the best to build it, or you're a business that needs a fully custom web and mobile solution, contact us to see how we can help!